Clements Lumber Inc. -       Springfield, Morgan, Comfrey, Redwood Falls
Special Offers
Valspar National Mail In Rebate
Rebate on all Valspar Elan, Medallion Interior and Exterior paints and primers, Color Style and Climate Zone.
Elan - $7.00 per gallon
Medallion, Color Style, Climate Zone - $5.00 per gallon
Rebate Dates are:
July 25th - August 7th 2013
August 29th - September 8th 2013
September 26th - October 6th 2013
Cabot Mail in Rebate
Rebate on all Cabot Exterior Stains
$5.00 per Gallon
Rebate Dates Are:
July 25th - August 4th 2013
August 29th - September 8 2013
September 26th - October 6th 2013
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